When Do You Need Emergency Dentistry?

When Do You Need Emergency Dentistry?

August 4, 2021

No one ever intentionally chooses to have a dental problem. However, the choice to visit a dentist near you whenever you want is taken away from you when you incur a dental emergency. Oral emergencies are abrupt and random, often causing anxiety by threatening dental health and overall general health.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

They are oral problems that come about with great urgency and severity. They feature all dental problems that become too pressing that you have to seek immediate dental assistance in emergency dentistry near you. Other than urgency, another defining trait for dental emergencies is an inconvenience. Many patients have to abandon daily life routines to attend to oral emergencies so they can save their oral health.

Still, not all alarming dental issues are termed oral emergencies. You may have to visit a dentist near you to tell apart a typical dental issue and an oral emergency. The line between the two can sometimes be blurry, especially given that, typical dental issues can easily graduate into severe emergency dentist near me.

Top 7 Indicators of Emergency Dentistry

In reference to dental emergencies, you cannot wholly rely on your gut feeling as a guide to when you should seek urgent care in Indian Creek Family Dentistry. On multiple occasions, there will be clear-cut indicators that should prompt you to reach out to a dentist for emergencies near you. Some common indicators include:

  • Prolonged bleeding – if an area of your mouth has been bleeding for a while, reach out to a dentist in Trafalgar, IN, for urgent dental care.

  • Unbearable pain – one of the most common dental problems in emergency dentistry in Trafalgar, IN, is heightened pain levels. Regarding dental pain, different aspects of your mouth could be affected. The most common type of dental pain is toothache, often due to dental decay or dental trauma. Others include open wounds, jaw pain, to mention a few. Consider also any other affiliate pain you may experience alongside dental pain. As such, migraine headaches, neck pain, and ear pain can be other indicators that you need emergency dental care.

  • Considerable swelling – either in your mouth or the surrounding areas. The swelling is mostly noticed on the gums and cheeks. If the swelling doesn’t die down after a day or two, do not hesitate to call your dentist. Be especially concerned when the swelling begins to spread to other areas of your body, like, the neck and shoulders.

  • Tooth dislodgment – when a tooth is disconnected from the socket, whether partially or fully, you need to visit a dentist immediately. Other than the pain, swelling, and bleeding you will encounter, and as a result, you also stand to get your wound infected if you are not careful. Besides, there is a good chance that your natural tooth can be restored in your mouth if you preserve your tooth properly and make it to the dentist in time.

  • A recurrent mouth sore – mouth sores can happen to anyone, and they mostly resolve on their own. However, it is not always the case. In instances where your mouth sores take too long to heal or grow bigger as days go, reach out to a dentist. It could be that you have Gingivitis, or oral cancer, both of which are not positive outcomes for your oral health.

  • A pocket filled with pus on your gums – also called an abscessed tooth. It happens when the infection in your tooth travels to the roots thereof, infecting the soft tissues and building up the pus. Usually, it will cause significant pain when you chew or brush your teeth.

  • Numbness in any part of your mouth – while extreme pain is a cause for concern, numbness too, is a serious problem that you shouldn’t overlook. Numbness is usually common in teeth, especially following a tooth cavity. Any loss of sense of feeling or a tingling feeling anywhere in your mouth is enough to prompt you to seek medication in a dental clinic near you.


With such indicators, there is no way you can continue to ignore or neglect your dental health. Emergency dentistry exists to care for your oral health promptly so you do not suffer permanent dental issues that can easily be avoided.

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