Partials and Full Dentures

At Indian Creek Family Dentistry, we want you to feel good about your smile and enjoy life fully.  Enjoy your favorite foods again, and stop hiding the gaps left by tooth loss. With Dr. Stropes, you can replace missing teeth with partial dentures and full dentures near you. Schedule your tooth replacement consultation now. We have a variety of restorative dentistry solutions to meet every need.

Smile, Speak and Eat Again with Confidence

Countless people struggle with a single missing tooth or multiple teeth. They need bridges or dentures to restore essential mouth functions. As a result, many people wrestle with ill-fitting false teeth. If you suffer from this issue, you understand how embarrassing it can be to speak, eat, or smile in public. No worries! Indian Creek Family Dentistry can give you back your full smile. We offer reliable tooth replacement solutions so you can feel self-confident again.

Comfortable Dentures Near You

You can replace missing teeth with either a partial or full denture. If you have any remaining healthy teeth, a partial can complete your smile. But if you have lost an entire arch of teeth or a mouthful, a full denture is the appropriate option.

A full or complete denture is held in place by suction and a snug fit. For that reason, it is common for this prosthetic to shift from time to time. However, a partial denture near you is anchored to adjacent teeth or secured by metal clasps.

Partials have replacement teeth attached to the appliance. As a result, this type of denture fills in the spaces left by missing teeth. Basically, both full dentures and partials are a set of fabricated teeth created to restore your natural smile.

Stabilize Your New Teeth With Dental Implants

For added security and longevity, Dr. Stropes can attach either a partial or full denture to implants. The surgically-inserted posts serve as replacement tooth roots. So they eliminate the risk of slippage and keep the jawbone stimulated for lasting oral health.

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