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Most adults have developed at least one cavity over the years. Even the best oral care regimen is not without flaws. That is why Dr. Stropes encourages everyone to maintain regular checkups twice a year. By visiting us on a regular schedule, we can detect decay very early. Then, your Trafalgar, IN dentist can quickly fill the cavity and save the tooth’s structural integrity.

Indian Creek Family Dentistry aims to provide stress-free and pain-free dental care. Detecting and restoring a tiny cavity is a routine procedure. The process is fast and easy, so your appointment time will be brief.

What Does Filling a Cavity Involve?

We use a variety of dental materials to fill in the gap left by decay. Cavities leave behind a hole in the tooth structure. The depth and size of the cavity vary significantly by the tooth location and extent of the damage.

The first step is x-rays. Dr. Stropes will take images of the affected area. Radiographs will enable your doctor to view and evaluate the severity of the problem. Then, we will numb the treatment area and remove all of the decay. As a result, we must protect the exposed tooth from further decay or infection. So, your dentist will seal the open space with a filling. Once the procedure is complete, your tooth will be fully returned to health.

Dental Filling Options Near You

The Indian Creek Family Dentistry team offers several tooth filling material options, including:

  • Gold — Some patients like to have gold fillings placed on front teeth. Other people prefer to restore chewing surfaces with this material. Gold is a reliable metal filling choice, but it is softer than amalgam.
  • Traditional metal — Silver amalgam is the oldest, most robust, and most widely used filling material. Metal is the most viable option for restoring premolars and molars, and large cavities. While silver fillings are highly visible, the material is strong enough to endure the intense chewing forces.
  • Tooth-colored composite resin: Since both silver and gold are apparent, most patients don’t find these metals suitable for restoring front teeth. For that reason, Dr. Stropes prefers to use white composite resin fillings. The tooth-colored material is more discreet because it blends in with the color of natural enamel. What’s more, we can put composite fillings on any tooth, regardless of the location in the mouth.
  • Porcelain dental materials: Like composite fillings, porcelain materials also blend seamlessly with your smile. We often use porcelain to fill larger cavities.

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