Professional Teeth Whitening: All You Should Know

Professional Teeth Whitening: All You Should Know

February 1, 2022

Everybody desires a whiter, more dazzling smile. As a result, more people are looking into different teeth whitening methods. One of the highly effective and safest methods available is professional teeth whitening. It is a teeth bleaching procedure performed by a dentist in the dental office. Here is all you need to know about professional teeth whitening near you.

What Causes Teeth Staining?

Your teeth may turn yellow due to staining of the tooth enamel. When teeth stain only on the outside, it is known as extrinsic discoloration. Causes of this discoloration include poor oral hygiene and smoking. In addition, consuming highly pigmented foods and beverages also stains teeth.

Intrinsic discoloration is deep staining within the teeth. It is caused mainly by dental trauma, infection, childhood illnesses, medications, and aging. When the enamel erodes, it reveals the dentin, which is naturally yellow. Intrinsically stained teeth are whitened through professional teeth whitening in Trafalgar.

How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

The results of professional teeth whitening last depending on the procedure carried out. The duration of your white smile is also affected by the common causes of discoloration. The results last longer if you avoid smoking, drinking tea, coffee, or red wine. Maintaining good oral hygiene also prolongs your new appearance.

Teeth Whitening Before and After

Before seeking teeth whitening treatments, you should not expect a magical transformation. For instance, teeth with deep yellow stains will not turn the brightest shade of white. Instead, you may need several procedures to brighten your teeth five shades lighter.

Your dentist will show you a chart with various shades of teeth color. The chart lets you know what to expect after the treatments based on your current tooth color. It also helps you to recognize the difference before and after the procedure.

Professional Teeth Whitening Methods

    Laser teeth whitening

The treatment involves the use of lasers to reduce and remove tooth discoloration. First, the dentist places a whitening gel on the teeth then shines a special laser beam. This beam produces heat which activates the chemicals in the hydrogen peroxide gel. As a result, your receive faster and more effective results.

    Zoom® teeth whitening

It is a chair-side light-assisted teeth whitening system. The procedure lasts approximately an hour. Zoom teeth whitening involves applying hydrogen peroxide on the surface of stained teeth. Next, activation with a Zoom lamp takes place. The gel penetrates the tooth surface and bleaches all colored substances white. Therefore, your tooth structure will not be damaged during the procedure.

    Dental veneers

Teeth with permanent intrinsic stains may not be successfully whitened through whitening treatments. The experts at Indian Creek Family Dentistry use dental veneers for such teeth. These thin materials are placed over stained teeth to give them a new look. In addition, the dentist will pick a shade similar to surrounding teeth to complement your smile.

    Enamel Micro-abrasion

It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve the appearance of teeth by whitening them. The method is suitable for removing surface stains on teeth. It creates a brighter, whiter smile.


Prophylaxis is a dental procedure to thoroughly clean teeth. The dentist uses special dental tools to remove plaque and calculus on the teeth and gums. You are assured of brighter teeth after this cleaning procedure.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

  • It is safe for your gums, teeth, and health. Some natural teeth whitening treatments are harmful. Over-the-counter bleaching products may contain strong bleaching agents that irritate the gums.
  • The method produces results faster than at-home teeth whitening and lasts even longer. You may need to use over-the-counter whitening products longer before seeing results. With professional teeth whitening near you, a single procedure produces dramatic results.
  • Your dentist can control usual side effects such as gum and teeth sensitivity. The dentist in Trafalgar uses thick peroxide gels. They help prevent sensitivity as they do not soak into teeth. Your dentist may use desensitizers like fluoride and Potassium Nitrate. These reduce the risk of tooth damage.
  • This whitening procedure is convenient since everything gets done at the dental office.
  • Professional teeth whitening methods get customized to personal needs. You can achieve the exact shade of brightness you need for a natural-looking smile.
  • The methods used by a dentist in Trafalgar remove intrinsic and extrinsic stains. At-home whitening methods cannot get rid of intrinsic stains.
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