How Dental Sealants Protect Teeth against Cavities?

How Dental Sealants Protect Teeth against Cavities?

March 1, 2022

Do you spend more time with your children at their dentist’s office because they constantly complain of tooth pain and confront challenges when trying to eat? Don’t you think you must have a mechanism in your possession to avoid your children needing frequent visits to pediatric dentists? If you believe our suggestion makes sense, we further suggest you visit the dentist near you for once, providing dental sealants to discover a solution to the problem you confront.


If you think our suggestion makes sense, please do not assume we are thrust upon you to accept a newly discovered remedy to get over the problems your children confront. The therapy has been around since the 60s. It is an inexpensive technique to prevent tooth decay and cavities in children and adults by providing a protective barrier on their molars to create a smooth surface on them, helping prevent the trapping of food and bacteria.


What Are Dental Sealants?


Dental sealants near you are thin plastic coatings that, when applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars, prevent cavities for several years. Dental sealants protect against 80 percent of holes for the first two years after the application and continue the protection against 50 percent of cavities for another four years. The sealants remain on children’s teeth for nearly nine years.


School-age children between six and 11 devoid of sealants have almost three times more cavities on their first molars than children with them. If your child is in the age group described and complaining about toothaches frequently, they probably have or are in the process of developing cavities. If you want to prevent the loss of hours for your child at school and at work, you must consider getting dental sealants in Trafalgar for your children instead of leaving them to endure pain and spending money on dental visits frequently.


Are Merely Children Suitable for Dental Students?


Although tooth decay begins early in life, it occurs in people of all ages. The Trafalgar dental sealant facility recommends the sealants on molars of adults if they are unrestored and are free from cavities. However, children must have dental sealants on their molars soon after developing at ages 6, 12, and 18.


Children are negligent with their dental hygiene practices and do not hesitate to gorge on sugary foods and beverages frequently. As a result, the molars in their mouths have pits and fissures where food particles and bacteria tend to accumulate. Bacteria in the mouth enjoy the food particles and deposit acids on the molars that ultimately create cavities after they penetrate the tooth enamel.


Getting children to follow proper dental hygiene practices and limit snacking on harmful foodstuff is challenging. Instead of trying to confront the problem, why not get a preventive barrier on your child’s teeth by providing them dental students to prevent bacteria and food particles from trapping in their molars? You will find getting dental sealants is much easier than scheduling frequent appointments with dentists for treatments your child needs.


Isn’t The Dental Sealant Procedure Painful?


On the contrary, your children may enjoy visiting the dentist nearby to get dental sealants on their teeth. Besides being affordable and costing merely $ 10-$ 30 per tooth, the dental sealant procedure is entirely painless, requiring nothing more than your child sitting in the dentist’s chair with their mouths open for a few minutes.


The dentist starts the procedure by cleaning the child’s molar targeted for the sealant. They may use a drill to look at spaces between the molars for signs of tooth decay. After cleaning, the tooth is dried with absorbent material to apply an etching liquid to roughen the surface to allow the dental sealant to adhere to the tooth.


The molar is cleaned again and dried for application of the dental sealant, which hardens quickly. Dentists use a curing light to harden the sealant. The entire procedure requires between 10 to 50 minutes, depending on how many teeth need sealing.


Soon after getting dental sealants, your child can begin their regular activities, including eating and drinking, without any hesitation.


Getting dental sealants on your child’s molars does not mean they can continue neglecting oral hygiene practices or indulge in the harmful habits they are accustomed to. On the contrary, you must supervise them to ensure they brush and floss as recommended by the dentist, limit sugary and starchy foods and beverages and get them six-monthly dental exams and cleanings without exceptions. Please understand dental sealants are a protective barrier against cavities but don’t prevent tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth can still penetrate other tooth surfaces to leave children with unwanted problems unless they follow the recommended guidelines of their dentist.


If your children frequently complain of toothaches, get them the protective barrier they need on their molars by visiting Indian Creek Family Dentistry and achieving peace of mind knowing that your child’s molars are protected from cavities.

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