7 Common Signs You Need to Visit Emergency Dentistry

7 Common Signs You Need to Visit Emergency Dentistry

May 1, 2022

Dental emergencies can occur or happen at any time or any day. Therefore, staying prepared is wise. However, we never know when the accidents will happen.

If you or your child have a dental emergency, you should visit emergency dentistry near you for treatment. Don’t let yourself suffer from the pain when your dentist can help you with the problem. Here are some common signs that will help you determine whether you should visit your dentist with a emergency dentist near me.

You Have a Loose, Broken, or Crooked tooth

When an adult has a loose tooth, it can signify weak gums that can’t support a tooth. This can be a symptom of either oral cancer or gingivitis. Also, the severity and location of your broken or cracked tooth will determine the type of treatment your dentist will give you.

The top priority is saving your tooth. For your tooth to be saved, it’s important that you go to your dentist as soon as you realize your tooth is broken. Ensure you describe how the injury occurred to your dentist.

You Experience Bleeding gums

When you see your gums bleeding after floss or brushing, it can cause concern. This can be a sign of gum disease or gingivitis. Sometimes you may even notice a smell when you floss, and your gums may swell or ache. Treatment of early gum disease is important. Once you leave your gum disease untreated, it reaches a certain point where it leaves you unable to return the teeth to their healthy state. Therefore, seeing your dentist will help determine the problem and create a treatment plan to save your smile.

You Have Sudden Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth is painful and unfortunate cosmetically if you are an adult. If your tooth is lost, falls out, or is knocked out, you’ll want to call your dentist right away. However, if quick action is taken, your tooth may remain viable and can be replanted if possible. So, if you were playing soccer ball and you accidentally fall, leading to your teeth being knocked out, you must act as fast as possible. Also, before you reach the dentist near you:

  • Shouldn’t touch the root of the tooth,
  • If possible, try putting it back in the socket
  • Should pale it between your gum or cheek
  • Should use a cold, wet compress to prevent bleeding

You Have Swelling

Swelling in your face, gums, or lymph nodes can be a sign of infection. Having an infection in your mouth can be life-threatening. For example, you might have swollen gums but can’t remember any oral injury that might have caused it. It’s important to see your dentist immediately. When an infection in your mouth is left untreated, it can get into your bloodstream and cause serious health problems. If you’ve had the swelling for a few days, make sure you inform your dentist about it, together with other signs of infection you might be having.

Your Jaw is Popping

If your is jaw is locked, you are experiencing pain or a popping sensation, you should make an appointment with our dentist in Trafalgar, IN. Our jaws can slide back and forth with no issues for most of us. However, if you have a TMJ, you can experience a slip in their jaw where it is stuck. You might experience pain when you make a clicking or grinding noise, chewing when your jaw is open, or having a limitation of movement. It is good to be checked by your dentist to determine your TMJ disorder’s severity to avoid other issues.

You Have a Metal Taste in Your Mouth

Before composite fillings were the norm, many people had amalgam fillings placed in their teeth. If you have a metallic taste in your mouth, it can mean that your old filling is cracking or has become loose. When you leave your filling in that state, it’ll make your tooth prone to infections and cavities. You should call your dentist if this happens.

Severe Tooth Ache

If you’re experiencing a toothache, it is caused by something caught between your teeth. If this happens, you should floss normally for a little longer than you do. If the pain persists, you should visit an emergency dentistry Trafalgar for quick treatment. We treat you immediately after you arrive at our offices. Don’t suffer any longer than you have to. You should take an emergency seriously.

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